The biggest radio drama in Europe

In the years 2015­­-18 in Poland, the first audio adaptation of the most important Book in history was created.

500 professional actors, 3D sound technology, original symphonic music and background sounds recorded at the source, in Israel. It became much more than an audio play – it's a movie without pictures.

An epic experience. Modern sound design allows listeners to fully immerse and engage in the recounted stories.

A spiritual art project
to transcend all divisions

The Holy Book belongs to everyone. Thus, The Audio Bible was created for all and by all. The Archbishop and the Chief Rabbi, catholics, protestants, jews, agnostics, people of countless professions and social groups, old and young, men and women – all took part in the recordings, hand in hand.

Finally, The Audio Bible reached churches and phones, concert halls and cars, worshipers and atheists.

We created a work of art which transcends all divisions.

Free app
for listening to Audio Bible anywhere

We created a mobile app to expand your Audio Bible experience. You can listen with background sound or without it, focusing only on the actor’s performance. Alternatively, you can play just sounds and read the text aloud by yourself. Or even act out the scenes! The app also gives everyone free access to many parts of Audio Bible, including: FRAGMENT OF THE DAY, The Book of Revelations, The Book of Psalms, and much more.


A new dimension of sound design

All Bible-based audio dramas created so far use stereo sound, that is the kind you use while listening to your favourite music. But we take a step further. We use binaural microphones and software that allows binaural processing. This way, we create breathtaking 3D sound space that will take you to the Biblical times. Hear the hum of Jerusalem, the waves of the Deluge, hear the Ascension...

The 3D sound will add up to 50% of the whole Audio Bible, yet all you will need is ordinary headphones. We are the ones to make sure that your experiences are unusual, captivating, mystical.

Use headphones to find out how we create The Audio Bible.

Now we are ready to create the world’s biggest audio play

Our primary goal is to record the following language versions:

American English




American English is the first step to fulfill our dreams of making The Audio Bible widely available, with the help of leading Hollywood actors. We have already obtained copyrights to the Holy Bible from The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The project will be implemented with the support of the Pontifical Council for Culture under H.E. Cardinal GIanfranco Ravasi, who kindly gave us a letter of recommendation.

Cardinal Ravasi’s recommendation

We need your voice

Not everyone can gain knowledge from The Bible, as it is a long and highly demanding read. With each year it becomes more and more unapproachable for modern generations. But they can hear what they won’t read. Help us create the most ambitious audio play in history that will reach millions of people around the globe for hundreds of years to come. Make a contribution to culture and spiritual heritage for posterity.

You can help us by giving your voice of support via being a backer in our Kickstarter campaign, but also literally, by letting us record your voice, as we will invite many amateurs to appear along professional actors.


a part of
a digital
of culture

Team behind the project

Krzysztof Czeczot

producer and director

The originator and producer of “The Audio Bible”, the largest audio drama in the world. Winner of the PRIX EUROPA prize in Berlin for a radio drama “Andy”. Loves Italian cuisine and deep-sea diving.

Delfina Zdanowicz

project manager

Graduate of art studies in London. For the last 7 years she’s been working in Kings Place – a concert hall and production house – for such events like London Jazz Festival, The Guardian Live, Apple (iPhone launch).

Maciej Zych

sound engineer

Main sound engineer of „The Audio Bible” project. Graduate of sound design in Warsaw, with yearsof experience gained in this field,also an instrumentalist musician.

Patryk Makowski

product manager

From mid 2018 coordinator of the Polish version of “The Audio Bible”. He’s responsible for the development of the project and for the contact with clients on a daily basis. An optimist, Indian food lover and from 2019 alsoa graduate with Master degreein European Studies in Warsaw.

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